June: Time to laugh and meet! I'm performing a very low key comedy jaunt 'work in progress' show to also raise money for the next Adoption Arena Podcast. Click here to book tickets hope to see you soon! 

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About Joy

Adoption Arena was founded in June 2014 along with the launch event called 'Comics4Adoption', the show attracted the media as it was the first of it's kind - a comedy show featuring comedians who had been adopted, fostered or in care see showreel


Opportunities to speak on the BBC World Service, BBC Radio London 94.9Fm and LBC followed and Adoption Arena was born! Then Fast forward to 2021 and we are now in a great time of change. Join us. 


Change is painful, challenging but exhilarating. If we work together we have the opportunity to build a better future for us all and the next generation of adoptees and adoptive parents.

Who is Joy Carter, Adoption Arena founder?

I am an EMMA-nominated (*Ethnic multicultural media award) comedian, writer, speaker and adoption advocate:

I was adopted myself from Nigeria. Since 2006 I started my adoption advocacy work as a speaker and campaigner on adoption issues, working closely with BAAF (British Association of Adoption and Fostering, now CoramBAAF on campaigns and media engagements nationally.

In 2012 I took my concerns for more political engagement with adoption to Parliament and was able to work with various MP's, think tanks and organisations discussing changes of policy, such as the 2012 abolishment of the 'colour matching' placement policy.


I now have many celebrity supporters, adoption advocates, personal friends in politics and the media who support this work. The only way to build is together.

Our work

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Our Aims

1. To use our podcast and blog to discuss the complexity in adoption, unite and help create more adoption and fostering influencers to give voice to more discussion and interaction in society. 

2. To support those affected in the field with creative and pioneering training and seminars.


3. We desire to create more 'Experts with Experience' in this field, society and government. As organisations learn to work more productively and powerfully with young people and adults, lasting change will be developed.  Adoption Arena will facilitate this through training programmes and support for both parties.  

4. To help create more innovation and traction in this field, as doing what we aways have results in getting what we always got. 

5. To reach and educate the adoption, fostering voice into new demographics of society, and countries where adoption and fostering is still underdeveloped.

‘Joy mines a rich seam of gold’


Lemn Sissay.

Poet, Playwright, broadcaster speaker

Learning the Scripts

Training and seminars

 “Joy delivered a really helpful workshop that gave the group so much food for thought.  Joy has a very positive attitude, and is very generous in sharing her own personal experiences. The reading/watching list was also really helpful. The session really flew by and there was so much more to say!


Jan Cleave, South West Adoption Consortium


The use of the creative arts and technology is a powerful tool to engage society with your message and story.  Through workshops, training, seminars, talks, events and festivals Adoption Arena is committed to helping adoptees, families, young people in care UpSkill to achieve their personal goals, find and develop their voice and help them to find their role should they wish in the adoption, fostering and care community. 

We plan to commence training schemes later in 2021. Currently, we have a series of seminars/talks.

1. Black Lives Matter and Transracial Adoption

2. The Adoption Mental Health toolkit

3. The Comedy Adoption Show

'Spot the Difference', a 1 Hour comedy show about Joy's transracial adoption journey from birth to present day!

*please message us for bookings and enquiries.

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“There are tens of thousands of children in the UK who will grow up in the care of the state. Some will be adopted, most will be cared for by foster carers and keep in touch with their families. 1 in 4 people have a connection with adoption and fostering, but we could do so much more to bring people together to understand, help and support this disparate community.

This website has the potential to support and grow a real social network, one that can provide information, challenge myths and stereotypes, and help adopted and fostered children right through to adulthood, because being a child is only the beginning of their story.”


Harvey Gallagher, Chief Executive. Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers