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Adoption Arena was first founded in September 2015 by comedian, writer and adoptee Joy Carter after 10 years of campaigning, speaking and writing in the adoption scene collaborating with organisations such as BAAF (now CoramBaaf), The Cornerstone Partnership and First 4 Adoption to name a few. Joy desired to inspire and educate especially adoptees and parents to tell their stories by through the creative arts, technology and the media. Many organisations are utilising importance of the adoptee voice in their decision making and adoption panels, so Adoption Arena has become a powerful tool for pioneers and innovaters in the adoption field.

In 2015 Adoption Arena was picked up almost immediately as Joy's story spread in the media with the BBC World Service, Chanel 4 and all SKY interviewing Joy about her story and vision. See media pack for clips. Through her engagements and work Joy has gained many celebrity supporters, adoption advocates, personal friends in politics and the media who all support her work by either being interviewed by her or writing articles including Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Admiral Lord West and Julie Anderson MP to name a few.


In 2017 and 2018 Joy took her newly written 1 hour stand-up comedy adoption show called 'Spot the Difference' on the road and put Adoption Arena on hold as she felt it was important to get the message about the importance of adoption into new demographics through humour. The Edinburgh Festival beckoned along with a tour of the UK Comedy Festivals and corporate scene.


During the first lockdown Joy was asked to write the poem and be featured in the National You Can Adopt Campaign' that success acted as a catalyst for her to re-design Adoption Arena for the next decade.


The vision for Adoption Arena has increased as a podcast (to be launched end of December), it will feature a new blog page, event showcase for creative adoption projects, training and events for adoptees and parents, seminars, talks and much more creative engagement to follow later in 2021.

Our Core Beliefs

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Adoption Arena seeks to build better community in community. It’s important to join up the dots by linking up with other communities in the UK and abroad.  There is so much to learn from each other to create better outcomes for everyone.  Adoption Arena seeks to play an integral part in this.

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To help equip and inspire people to converge their dreams with others journeys and position themselves better in where they believe they are meant to go.  We are all on a path but it is often the intersections points of our journey where excitement and new learning can occur.​



When engaged people build into their communities, converge and align with others I believe that sparks of creative change are formed. This can be a great catalyst for developing better outcomes for present and future generations.

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Joy will explore the big stories, big issues and amazing people involved with adoption in Britain and the Commonwealth today.


Her weekly podcast starting at the end of December will see Joy interview public figures, artists, writers, fashion designers, families, young people, MP’s and academics who all are all pioneers and innovaters in the adoption scene.  Expect really lively, candid, exciting interviews that will have you on the edge of your seat, with some humour of course!

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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