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APPG adoption and permanence

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On Monday 19th April I attended my first APPG on adoption and permanence.

The potential of the APPG is massive, daunting and exciting. I believe is the beginning of the biggest reform of the adoption field since 1960 - not that I've been around that long I hear some mutter! This is a huge opportunity for everyone to have their say, open the once closed closet of issues and begin to un-pick the evidence of the system that we have all suffered or excelled in.

  • What is working well?

  • What can we learn from the past?

  • What new developments need to be made for an ever changing society?

I can already hear the distant drone of the sceptics among you say ‘we have seen it all before’, well whether we have or haven’t the opportunity is still among us. Society creates the destiny we deserve and I believe we all want a better outcome for children, parents or foster families, actually every single role in the adoption machine needs not just an MOT but new parts, new design and a brand new trajectory moving forward.

Or face loosing the next generation to neglect.

Government are listening, organisations from across the world have been summoned to give evidence, some thousands of people have responded to the Nationwide questionnaire that appeared on their website.

Now, everyone has had their say, still having their say and will have their say. The dust on pandora’s box is opened.. and the truth is out there. It's time for all of us to start digging, thinking and expressing our truth.

The nature of truth is that it is ever changing. Truths become true and truer constantly. The issue is what part will we play to implement them?

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