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Poem: Finding Joy

I wrote this poem at the beginning of my adoption journey. It was healing, liberating and for the first time I was proud to be me. There is something special about putting pen to paper and writing your story down. Writing is powerfully beautiful.

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Finding joy

By Joy Carter

I was found one day in Nigeria a troubled land

Where famine and war go hand in hand

Where life for many is as the damned

The Biafra war raged on and on

The hospitals were full people’s livelihoods gone

Locals displaced frantically moving to and from

I was born in the bush with my sister a twin

Things looked bleak with no next of kin

The race to survive had now to begin

She died my little sister just too weak to cope

I was left screaming my only family bond broke

A miracle now was my only hope

A miracle was driving by at the time of my birth

In the form of a ‘Save the Children’ fund nurse

An old lady at the roadside cried ‘stop’ to break my curse

The kind nurse parked up her beaten up jeep

And followed the old lady into the bush deeper and deep

Then mysteriously vanished in a single leap

Were the old lady had stood and led

Two babies were found one living one dead

The nurse picked me up then the scene we fled

The fighting from the war circled now around

Dangerously we drove to the only hospital in town

I joined fifty other babies and the injured painful sounds

Two years prior to my tale

Two young people met, fell into a love never to fail

Eventually they married had a baby bought a cradle

A charming little family they were a happy one

But seeing the wars atrocities ‘something must be done’

Said Mr Carter as he offered help despite work and a young son

At the hospital ‘What can we do?’ Mrs Carter softly said

Her eyes glanced nervously around the sickened room smelling of dread

The nurse said ‘Look after a child please, we lack beds!’

Suddenly out of the screaming fifty someone lifted me high

And handed me to the family with a twinkle of hope in her eye

‘She’s just in thanks’ said the nurse tiredly with a sigh

Sickly I was covered in sores and not pretty

The family coped with a little money in the kitty

Every night they sang me a lullaby of loves ditty

Three weeks passed ‘I can’t let this one go’

Mrs Carter agreed ‘She fits right in tow’

They both decided to adopt me to end my woe

‘Don’t pick that one choose a child that’s well’

Warned a hospital nurse with words as shrill as a bell

Mr Carter said ‘we’ve made up our mind all is well

Besides even if she only lives another week

Her life is worth it to us, but we will keep

Praying for a miracle healing from our Lord we will seek’

The prayers were answered as God showed loving grace

Leading us to the UK after two years to a new place

Now I had to overcome people’s prejudice fear of race...

There is a bond beyond a blood tie

Deeper than love that will never die

That answers to an orphans cry

Completeness of family far beyond race

That moves even the western stony face

That can tie up a broken life making fine lace

That love was given to me by my parents dear

They banished famine and war’s evil leer

I crossed through cultures wall and nations to hear

The sound of hope resonance to me a joyful tone

Love conquers all as life challenges were overthrown

From a dire start I have a story to tell and beautifully own

Thank you for reading I hope encouragement you find

See life as a daily precious gift don’t live blind

Truly thankful I am to those who’ve always been kind

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