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Why do I write?

Why do I write? I write because it’s freeing. Because you can write about anything. I have written a few plays and short stories as well as poems and really enjoy writing as it makes you feel you can do anything with your imagination. I explore emotions and experiences because I dislike talking about my feelings. Sometimes it helps if I write things down and just screw up the paper and throw it away afterwards. Other people might not be able to talk about how they feel, so it might be helpful for them to know that someone else experiences the same things and then they might be able to open up. Hi, I’m Estelle. I’m adopted and have 7 siblings – that I know about. I’m in Yr. 9 in a small school and love playing rugby. I grew up watching my brother play every Sunday, and my sister had a trial for the England women’s team, so it was always there in my life. I dream of becoming a Marine Biologist and studying fascinating animals… and finding a new species of Shark while doing it.

Adoption can improve children’s lives, but can also be traumatic and sad. The way it affected me was negative but also positive, because I got a good family. It can affect the way you feel about things, like when I was in primary school and we were talking about family trees it brought up destructive emotions. Everybody else’s tree had lots of branches because they knew about their family, but my tree was plain and insignificant. Family Trees are difficult for some kids and should not be done so often in schools anymore as a lot of kids don't know much about their family. If I were told to do one now I wouldn't be too bothered. But I wouldn't enjoy it so much. This is going to be a regular blog and in my next blog I will be talking about personal experiences and how it has affected me.

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