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The 5 a day laughter quota

I thought being a stand up comedian by trade and chocolate lover, I would give you a few gems about the importance of ‘your 5 a day laughter quota’, forget fruit and veg as laughter is FREE! Whatever your craft laughter is an essential power tool and serious wellbeing aid, as you can laugh yourself into physical and mental heath. So here are a few simple tips

5 simple steps to get yourself laughing

1. Think of the last time you laughed. Live the moment again in your mind 2. Think of your favourite TV/film/radio clip that makes you laugh 3. Tell yourself your favourite joke/jokes. 4. Try and tell someone something funny. Sharing a laugh is always powerful 5. Just laugh. 'Forced laughter' is like canned fruit, it still counts! So just laugh for 2 minutes.

6. Avoid things that are sad, upsetting or traumatic! Don't watch scary moves.. seek out joy!

I am not asking you to sit for hours trying to crack gags just look for humour in your day to day and it’ll reward you with heath, wealth and friends. Even if you are going through a tough time just watching your favourite TV sitcom, calling a best friend who makes you laugh, laughing as you remember something funny from last week or watching your favourite film, these all still count towards your daily ’5 a day laughter quota’.

As adults we laugh on average a sad 15 times a day while children around 200 (pause!) So it’s worth learning from the little happy ones. Laughter and learning are very comfortable bedfellows, so don’t let grumpy people tell you otherwise… just pick the right moment to giggle.

Laughter is a beautiful complex miasma of experiences it has the power to move emotional and psychological mountains in life, encourage, heal, educate, flirt, relieve pain and affect others to name a few attributes.

Laughter builds unity, memories, and joyfulness and is extremely contagious! Doctors know it is the secret medication of the soul as it boosts your immune system, is a natural deterrent against depression, great for your facial youthful look and will focus your mind when under pressure… And SO MUCH MORE! I’m no sales person but I hope I’m selling it to you? Get it! Download it, share it and love it.

So next time you see a chance to laugh not in a harsh way at someone, but with someone or even yourself seize the moment and grab it! It will give your mind a little break and make the afternoon at work fly by. So share the joy and laugh that horrid stress away, so grab your ‘5 a day laughter quota’ and tuck in.

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